Where Are We Now

June/July 2017

We are edging toward the finish line!  The interior work continues with finishing touches and installations.  The outside area around the building is being cleared of construction equipment and materials and looks more like the library grounds again.  The brick work being done on the Church Street side looks beautiful.  Visit the Library website www.hopkintonlibrary.org and follow us back to the finish line on Main Street.

April/May 2017

A lot of progress has been made in April and May. The installation of wall board and finishes are up on the first and second floors. Prime and finish coats of paint are on the walls and the ceiling grids are almost complete on the first and second floors. Electrical work continues and lights are being installed. The mechanical equipment installation continues. Interior shelving and furniture has been ordered. Installation of glass in the skylights has been done along with roofing and siding on the exterior of the building. If you have not been by 13 Main Street recently, it is worth the trip. The new Hopkinton Public Library is looking great!

February/March 2017

Having a mild winter helped the library building project move along with the installation of the exterior brick veneer, concrete work, installation of roofing components and windows. Interior work continues with underground plumbing in the boiler room, wiring and rough-ins on all levels. Furniture and shelving procurement continues.

HPL interior pipes

December 2016/January 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words. Inside and outside activity abound at 13 Main Street. The roof is up, the walls are closed in and the interior is taking shape.  Library staff and the architects have been busy working on selecting interior colors, shelving and furniture.  Orders are to be placed in February. Please see our web site and face book page for more photos.  The project manager’s reports are available to read at the library.

Library expansion outside back view  Library expansion interior second level
Library expansion interior second level

October/November 2016

Lots of construction activity has been taking place this autumn at 13 Main Street. Vertical steel framing is up and placement of first floor slab on deck and basement level slab on grade was accomplished. Backfilling of perimeter foundation walls has been finished. The sewer, water and gas connections to existing utilities have been completed. If you have been by the library recently you may have noticed the roof steel going up and the installation of the roof decking and insulation panels. If you have not been by the old library, it is worth the trip. The project is taking shape and you can see what the building is going to look like.

Library expansion side view taken from Church street  Library expansion taken from Main Street

August/September 2016

Construction operations have been continuing all summer long. Site excavation has been completed and the concrete foundation work is close to completion. If you have been by 13 Main Street recently you probably have noticed the vertical steel showing. The concrete elevator shaft is also visible. As we move into the autumn, more structure will be seen.

Library construction with old buildings in background and most of first-floor steel structure in foreground View of library construction from Church Street with back of old library, new elevator shaft, first floor steel structure, and very tall crane

July/August 2016

Things are moving right along! Click here to see more photos from our Facebook album.

Library renovation in progress from north side showing foundations being put in for the addition basementFormer nonfiction area of library renovation in progress with fill in place to go under the concrete floor slab

Backhoe on library groundsLibrary renovation in progress from northeast showing both older buildings and foundations being put in place for addition

May/June 2016

Construction operations have continued at 13 Main Street this spring.  In May, CTA Construction began  selected demolition on the interior of both the church building and original library.  Excavation and earth support installation started along Church Street.  In June, more excavation and preparation for the foundation was done.  Concrete foundation work will continue through July.

The library director and staff have begun discussion of preliminary furniture and equipment for the new building with Johnson Roberts Architects.

Early May 2016

Progress continues! The Town is taking pictures to document construction. Click here to see what's happened so far.

March/April 2016

Library construction began on April 11, 2016.  Meanwhile, the library has been busy with business as usual at the temporary location on 65 South Street.

library construction site library construction fence library construction site  

February 2016

The Permanent Building Committee (PBC) is in the
process of selecting a construction company for
the library project. Construction is expected
to begin in early March, 2016 and
may take 12 to 18 months or more
to finish the project.

January 19, 2016

The library relocated to 65 South St. Suite #104 and
library services started on Januray 19, 2016. The library
will continue to operate from this location until the new
library is completed and ready for services.

The current library located at 13 Main St. was closed as of
Dec. 11, 2015 and will remain closed until the new library
building is ready for opening.

Planning Board Approved the library site plan on
Mon. Nov. 16th, 2015. 

Design Review Board - Tues. Aug. 18, 2015 at 7:30 pm.
Library site plan was reviewed & recommendations were made to the Planning Board.

to link to the town's application for the site plan review
CLICK HERE to link to the town's application for special permit






2015 Updates

June 18, 2015

At a public hearing on June 18th, 2015 the Hopkinton Historic Distric Commission (HDC) approves the Certificate of Appropriateness for the newly redesigned exterior of the library.

Please go to the PROJECT DOCUMENT (from the top menu) Page to view the presenation made at the HDC hearing.

This approval by the HDC moves the Library Project forward through the town's permitting process and closer to its planned groundbreaking in the fall 2015!

June 2015:  Town Approval Process

Since the May 2014 Town Meeting and Town Election, when residents approved funding for the library project, Hopkinton's Permanent Building Committee (PBC) has been working to refine the library plans. 

Based on the feed back received from the community members before and after the Town Meeting as well as extensive discussions with the immediate neighbors of the library, PBC has worked diligently with architect Johnson-Roberts and made the following changes:

  • Adding a lower/basement level, thereby reducing the 'footprint' of the library from 22,000 square feet to 17,000 square feet. It reduces the 'bulk' of the expansion and enables it to blend better with neighboring building;
  • Increasing the distance between the addition and the neighboring property line from 10 to about 25 feet;
  • Reducing the expansion of the library in size and scale by lowering the roof line by about 4 feet; and
  • Replacing the current connector between the original library and former church with a new glass entryway to accentuate the stone and granite of the original buildings. The revised design keeps both the original library and the church building intact (both ceiling and roof structures) and eliminates the originally proposed addition of a second floor to the church.

May, 2015

As the library design development phase is nearing the end, the Permanent Building Committee (PBC) is now focusing their tasks on finding a temporary location for the library. The PBC will also be seeking approval of the library design from various town boards and committees such as the Design Review Board and Historic District Commission or Zoning Board. The timeline to move the library to a temporary location is around late summer or early fall. Please visit this page to get up to date information.

March 6, 2015

Updated  floor plans and exterior

"Library Building Plans Moving Forward" in Hopkinton Independent, March 12, 2015 issue.  Please go to page 11

Library Design Development Phase

February 2015

Since December 2014, the Permanent Building Committee has been leading the design development phase of the library renovation and expansion project. With feedback from community members, Library Building Committee, Library Staff and the MBLC (Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners), architect Johnson & Roberts has been refining the floor plans and exterior design.

Read Project Details.


2014 Updates

Permanent Building Committee Update (PBC)

Nov. & Dec. 2014

CMS (Construction Monitoring Services, Inc.) has been selected as the OPM (Owners Project Manager) to manage the project and Johnson & Roberts is the architect for the Library Renovation and Expansion project. The town received its first installment of the grant money from the state in December, 2014.

Sept. 7, 2014Hopkinton received the contract agreement from the MBLC and expected to send back the signed agreement by the end of the month. After the agreement is signed both by the town officials and the MBLC, the town will receive the first installment ($900,000) of grant funds.

August 7, 2014: MBLC officially awards Hopkinton $4.5 million in library construction grant. Hopkinton is expected to sign a contract with the state to move forward with the library renovation and expansion project.

Annual Town meeting on May 5th and Annual Town Election on May 19th, 2014 - Update

Residents voted 'Yes" on the Library Renovation and Expansion Project the during annual town meeting on May 5th and the town election on May 19, 2014.


Library project question was ballot # 2 asking "yes" or "no" vote to give the town permission to move the project forward.

1,363 voters responded "yes"

736 voters responded "no"

33 voters left the question blank

Total number of votes were 2,132.

The library is currently # 3 on the waiting list and expected to receive a provisional grant within a year or two. As of April 2014, a $150 million bond bill for Library Construction Grant has passed the State House of Representative and is expected to be passed by the Senate and to be signed by the Governor with the next few months.

In order to accept the provisional grant award, residents need to approve the Library Renovation and Expansion Project during Annual Town Meeting.


Revised Total Project Cost:

In 2011, the total cost of the renovation & expansion project was projected to be $10.2 million and included escalation and project continjency costs until 2014. With the addition of escalation and project contingency costs until 2016, (the projected opening of the new library), the cost is nw estimated to be $11.75 million. With the State Library Construction Grant of $4.5 million and private fundraising expected to raise $1 million, the cost to the town will be reduced to $6.25 million. Click here for the probable project cost.


2012 Updates

Hopkinton Public Library Foundation, Inc. (HPLF)a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was established with a mission to raise private funds for the expansion and state-of-the-art renovation of Hopkinton Public Library. As of Dec. 2013, HPLF raised about $240,000,000! Read more about the HPLF and it's efforts on fundraising, visit HPLF website.


2011 Updates


The Town of Hopkinton was awarded a $4.5 million grant for the planned expansion and renovation of the current library.
Award Summary from MBLC

Click here for July 14, 2011 - Grant Announcement and the fact sheet


The preliminary library building plan and rezoning of library property was approved by a majority vote at annual town meeting.


Cost estimates were developed by an independent agency and the floor plan was reviewed. The grant application was reviewed by the Town Manager. The Board of Selectmen voted to submit the grant application on January 27, 2011. Read the Library Construction Grant Application.



2010 Updates


The facility would be a "green” building with a new addition and renovation to the existing building totaling 22,000 SF. A floor plan was developed with two floors and 21 dedicated parking spaces on site. Feedback from the MBLC was received on Dec.16th. The project moved on to developing a schematic design to be submitted with a library construction grant application due on Jan. 27, 2011.


At a Board of Selectman’s meeting on Nov. 9th, the School Committee disclosed that the land behind the Center School that was selected to build a new library will most likely not be available for town use for some time. PBC then started to explore the possibility of expanding the library at its current location to the adjacent lot at 9 Church Street, including renovating the current building.


A letter of intent to submit a library construction grant for building a new library was submitted to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) on Oct. 5th. The architect started to develop multiple design options on the 4-acre parcel behind the Center School. PBC reviewed design concepts with town approval agencies: Planning Director, Conservation Commission Administrator, Historic District Commission, Design Review Board and public safety. Two public forums, on Oct. 28 and Nov. 5th were held to receive community feedback. Library staff also participated in evaluating library floor plans.


The feasibility study was completed. PBC shared the results of the study in public meetings throughout this month and received feedback from the attending residents. A public forum was held on Sept. 9th. Board of Selectmen reviewed options on Sept. 23rd. On Sept. 28, the PBC recommended that building a new building behind the Center School would be the most cost effective option and the Selectmen voted "yes” on this recommendation.



Architect John-Roberts Associates, Inc. started a feasibility study on 4 possible sites:Claflin Place, current library site, Center School, 4-acre parcel behind Center School.


Permanent Building Committee (PBC) was established by the Board of Selectmen to move forward with the Library Expansion Project. The first task for the PBC was to evaluate the feasibility study of 4 possible sites. The committee deliberated on the best option to meet the future needs of the library and to deliver the most cost effective solution for the project.



Public Forums on April 13 and 16.

Forum Handout

Forum Presentation

Letter of support from Senator Karen Spilka