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While we make every effort to stay updated with venue hours, closings and prices, we advise that you check the venue's website before your visit.

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Please note the following policies

Passes are for Hopkinton residents only.
One (1) pass per day per household (not library card)
Two (2) passes per week; per household (except vacation weeks).
One (1) pass per household during school vacations.
Southwick and Capron Zoo are limited to one (1) pass per month per household.
Passes may be picked up one (1) day before use.

Library passes are very popular and we have created these limits to enable the most amount of residents the opportunity of use. If reservations "per household" exceeds these amounts, library staff reserves the right to contact the patron for cancellation of exceeded reservations.

Reservations will not be accepted for the following reasons:
Patron under 18 years of age.
If the patron has $10 or more in accumulated fines on their account.
If it is more than 30 days before the reservation date.
If the patron has 2 "no shows” for reserved passes within the previous 30 days.

Pass return policy and fine
Returnable passes must be returned to the Library on the same day they have been used.
Passes may be returned in the drop box if the library is closed.

Lost passes may result in a replacement fee.

For more information call the circulation desk at (508) 497-9777.